Feb. 8th, 2012 03:59 pm
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So here we are once again on the same sick merry go round. I thought that I was over it and yet I find out that I am not. 3O minutes is such an accurate song and yet when it comes to you I feel that those 30 minutes never fucking end I keep telling myself that I won't think of you and yet here I am thinking of all the shit you said. I keep thinking that these 30 minutes will finally be over and I can finally make up my mind and decided and yet it never happens and the more I try to forget you the more I find that I can't and that's the worst punishment of it all. It's like I keep on waiting for something that will never happen and yet I find myself thinking that it might. I sometimes to find myself wondering how the did it all go wrong
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I guess it's about time I got around to posting on this. so here is the traditional first post
I hope that this will get more use than my live journal did =) not much to say about me other than I will probably just use to post random things and probably some of my fan fic
Don't be afraid to friend me I love making new friends =)


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